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The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation (SPF) was established in 2013 with the purpose to revolutionise the way leukaemia and cancer are treated. The foundation seeks to develop a safer, more practical and effective process for treatment, relapses and prevention of these illnesses.


Stiliyan Petrov had an illustrious career, firmly establishing himself as a player at Celtic and later captaining Aston Villa, while receiving 106 caps for the Bulgarian National team.


In March 2012, while playing against Arsenal at the Emirate Stadium, he confided to the club’s medical team that he felt unwell. Stiliyan would later receive devastating news that he had acute Leukaemia and his life would change forever.

Stiliyan has taken his commitment and dedication that he displayed throughout his career and transferred his passion to establishing his foundation; proactively organising National and International events as he strives to catapult the awareness of the foundation globally.

“The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation is something I am totally committed to. I want to make a difference and I know I can because I have gone through the pain, the heartache, the feeling of the big unknown."


Stiliyan Petrov


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The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation is a registered charity number 1154131.

Registered office: 4 Winckley Square, Preston, United Kingdom, PR1 3JJ.